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Over the years, Debbie's clients have described her in their interactions, utilizing these words and phrases:
  • Aware, respectful, able
  • Asks the necessary but uncomfortable questions, challenges
  • Candid, straight shooter, tenaciously gets to the truth
  • Asks the necessary, uncomfortable questions respectfully and clearly
  • Cheers progress and successes honestly and makes people feel important
  • Keeps a balance of energy, candor, support and tenacity to help us get through
  • Debbie is that rare bundle of energy melding competence and fun with serious topics.
  • Debbie leads by example. 

Paul Morris, President
Direct Link Consulting

Debbie's right when she talks about the essential importance of a culture of open communication, trust, and clear understanding of what's needed and expected.
Though it may for a while be a time where people will stay in jobs just to have one, when the economy loosens up, as it will, they'll leave in droves if the work environment does not demonstrate respect, appreciation and that an individual's contribution is desired. Losing employees costs a minimum of three times their salary. Companies can avoid turnover, maintain morale, have people being productive when they pay attention to company and culture. This is what Deb does and she does it well.  
Charles Hutchinson, CPA, CFO
Quadrant Software, Inc.
I am pleased to recommend to you Debbie Baker of The London Baker Group. Quadrant Software, Inc. engaged LBG to help us with employment testing and employee coaching.  Debbie is a responsible and precise resource for Quadrant Software, Inc. She has an amazing attention to detail as well as an incredible ability to understand quickly crucial issues and address directly the issue(s) at hand. I look forward to our continued and growing business relationship.  I highly recommend Debbie to you.

Frank Hamilton
Director of Programs
Leadership House
University of South Florida

All the enthusiasm you bring to your work – helping individuals recognize their greatness – was evident in the facilitation of The Collaborative Way. It’s obvious you’re totally committed to the principles presented and that you practice them.

James B. Salter
Chief Executive Officer
Construction Management & Development, Inc.

Debbie Baker served as a facilitator for our corporate strategy and planning seminar. Debbie’s attention to detail and the organizational skills she exhibited were exceptional. The discussions involved very difficult and emotional decisions relating to our corporate culture and future direction. Without exception, she fulfilled her promises and far surpassed my expectations.

William E. Swartz, Ph.D.
President and CEO
Constellation Technology Corporation

Debbie was able to take an Executive Staff with diverse pedigrees…and mold them into an effective team.

Chris Anderson
President and CEO
The Palm Bank

I took advantage of her executive coaching while I contemplated changing employers. Over the years I continued to work with her, changed employers and ultimately started a de novo bank.  Debbie has been instrumental in working with my current staff in developing self-awareness, organizing and prioritizing their goals. Her expertise helped grow the bank faster than originally planned, and the bank achieved monthly profitability in less than a year

Claire Shonter, PHR, CIC, CPIW
Vice President, Operations
Iler, Wall & Shonter

The Executive Coaching…has helped our mangers be more effective and more realistic with regard to their own abilities and those of their staff members.
Jeff H. Bynum, DDS
Brandon Dental Care

Even when the objective made a complete and abrupt turn, the personalized service was able to adapt with any changes…She asked us to ask some tough questions of ourselves and each other…We were fortunate to have such a dedicated and thoughtful coach.
Richard (Buzz) David, CecD
President and CEO
Amarillo Economic Development Council

She is competent, capable, caring and goes beyond being a consultant to become a member of the team. Her ability to create a trust relationship with the staff is unique and invaluable as we work together.
Amarillo Economic Development Council

I consider much of my success as a leader to be the result of her contributions to my personal development.

Karen Waddell
Eckerd Youth Alternatives, Inc.

The characteristics of ‘integrity, knowledge-base and passion’ serve as the consistent drivers of her actions in business as well as her personal world. Ms. Baker’s work with corporations and executives in building organizational capacity and supporting overworked executives is exemplary. She combines a keen business sense with outstanding analytical abilities including the complex art of solving relationship issues that confront every corporate executive. She is a legacy maker, a big picture person and she does so efficiently and effectively.

Life Coach, Florida | Executive Coach, Florida| Certified Professional Behavior Analyst Certified Behavior Values Analyst
Tampa, Florida
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Phone: (813)785-5052
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"Her expertise helped grow the bank faster than originally planned, and the bank achieved monthly profitability in less than a year." -Chris Anderson

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